Understanding food, internet, and sex addiction

Addiction is anything is not good because it affects the life of the person who has it. Addiction to something then would cause some problems or many problems to a person. If you like something then it is okay as you can still control your emotion and action. But when you are addicted to it, it is difficult to do the normal daily tasks when you did not have it or do it. For example, if one is addicted to smoking, he cannot stay put when he feels the urge to smoke.

In the infographic are three types of addiction. One is the addiction to food. This is also a disorder as explained in the infographic. It is nice to eat food that you like but when you cannot control then you can have a problem. An actual example was given in the infographic. Swapping addiction is also defined and explained. It is still not good as long as it is an addiction because there are difficulties that the person would undergo.

The net addiction explained in the infographic is the internet addiction. This became known when the internet was born and make the life of a person change. Gaming is one addiction that was developed and it has affected not just children but also adult ones. Death even occurred due to this addiction. There are many types and six is presented above. The third type of addiction is sex addiction. Many have their life fall into chaos because of this addiction.