The rising concern of pica disorder

There are many types of disorders now that could appear. There are those who had already been diagnosed as many studies have been made. The correct way and better way to do it have been already known. That is why the method used about twenty years ago is not being used now. But there could also be new ones that still needs time to be studied. There are also some who have existed a long time but did not get much attention. Let’s look into this.

The infographic shows the facts and statistics about the disorder. It is really strange and also dangerous to have this type of disorder. That is because things like nails are eaten and it could harm the persons like. The fact that was put in the infographic when someone has the disorder and thousands of items are already in his stomach. Just by thinking of the nails would let me think it did hurt when he eats them and when they are carried in his stomach.

There are even screws and also stones. They are also heavy objects but they were in the stomach. There are also other data that you could read like the increasing amount of those who have this disorder. As the world changes, there are also changes even in this things. How amazing when something changes but we surely do not like to know someone who has this disorder as it is not a good condition to have.