The Exact Effects of Drug Addiction to the Brain

Everyone is already familiar with alcohol drinking and tobacco smoking with its effects on the human body. And many couldn’t help but be addicted to alcohol and tobacco. But there is one more dangerous thing that causes many to become an addict and that is illegal drugs. Many are tempted to use illegal drugs for many different reasons. There were also many controversies and issues regarding the use of drugs in many countries. People kill and many were killed because of buying, selling, and using illegal drugs.

If someone is addicted to the use of any illegal drugs, what exactly happens to his brain? When we eat something delicious or when we do things that we really want to do and are satisfied, the neurotransmitters in our brain works. Among them is the release of dopamine which is a hormone in the brain that gives us the feeling of wanting to eat more and do more those things we want to do. The same process happens when someone takes drugs. To do cleaning service in your home, you check this company. Or go to my link for more info. This is so good company to help you in housekeeping service.

Dopamine will continue to increase once a person becomes more addicted to drugs. The brain will start to think and believe that  drug use is good and no harm will happen to him. But the reality of it is the opposite. The person who becomes addicted to drugs will start to lose his mind and can even go crazy. He will no longer distinguish good things from bad things. Having this cleaning company in service is a great help, check this source  And it is not impossible for him to do a crime since he is under the influence of illegal drugs.