The Difference between Hardwork and being Workaholic

For students who are about to graduate, they are feeling pressured because of the thought and need of finding a job sooner or later. To those who think of their responsibility and their own future, they would surely strive to finish their studies with flying colors. Finding a job these days is like participating in a competition. Not everyone are qualified for a certain job. For example, if a person wants to work as an office secretary, she has to meet the qualifications for that job.

If a person was hired for a particular job, of course he is required to become a hardworking employee. What does it mean by becoming a hardworking employee? If that employee was given specific tasks to do in a day, he needs to do more in order to accomplish the tasks given to him though others don’t do their job well . A hardworking person is the one who can gain success in his life. And chooses a good accounting firm for his savings account service 會計師事務所 . Though the situation seems difficult, he will strive towards success.

And for a workaholic person, others find it difficult to deal with him. He only focuses on his job throughout the day and even after going home. Becoming a workaholic person is not good for the health. If a person can finish his job in a day, then that’s already an accomplishment. He can still have time to do other things such as spending time with his family and friends having dinner with them. Many people say that workaholics can never become successful in their life.