Selfie Obsession Leading to Mental Health Conditions

When smartphones were released to the public, many got excited. There are many applications which users can enjoy with their phone. Among those application is the camera 360. Smartphones are beneficial if it is used in a meaningful way. For example, students are sometimes required to have a documentation of their school activities. With the help of his smartphone, he can take pictures and videos. But many are becoming addicted to the use of their smartphones. Many are obsessed with doing selfie. What is it about?

Selfie obsession or addiction is becoming a disorder. It is not bad to take photos of yourself. However, if you saw someone’s phone and open his camera folder with all his faces on it, you can confirm that he is having that kind of disorder. Did you know that many were already killed because of selfie obsession? It was them who killed their own self taking all the time on the screen of their phone. Taking pictures of your own can be fun but be careful since it can cause you problems on your eyes, see this  page to look for a better eye clinic to help you, a knockout post And these days, Facebook users are increasing in number and you can’t stop them so be careful and as early as you can have the best care for your eye.

It becomes more difficult to stop those people who always post a new photo of themselves on Facebook and Instagram. Whether they are good looking or not, selfie addiction can kill them. Usually, young people are the ones who are becoming more addicted to the new technology. There are different reasons why people wants to take selfie. One reason is that they want to show to others that they are good looking and another reason is to let other people leave any comment about them.