Facts about the Danger of Alcohol and Cigarette Addiction

Drinking alcohol as well as cigarette smoking are unhealthy habits of many, both men and women. In fact, it is not only adult men and women who have those bad habits. Even teenagers who were influenced by their peers or friends are starting to have bad habits which are unhealthy for them especially that they are still young. Some are even addicted to it though they are still teenagers. Drinking alcohol on casual occasions is still fine for the health of a person. Too much is dangerous.

In some alcohol advertisements, they always say “Drink moderately”. However, many are not following that advice because as they start to drink even one shot glass of alcohol, they will try to drink more and it becomes an addiction. Many are also becoming addicted to cigarette smoking. Though the doctors advice those who smoke not to consume one pack in a day, smokers who were already addicted to smoking find it difficult to stop smoking. You need to consult over this dental clinic to get their service helping you achieve healthy teeth 牙醫診所. As a result, many are hospitalized with serious health conditions.

Alcohol and cigarette addiction are like murderers. They are even like your friends who are not true to you. At first, it seems that alcohol and cigarette has nothing bad to do to the human body. But these things are traitors. There had been countless cases wherein alcohol drinkers and cigarette smokers were in a very bad health condition and some even lost their lives. This is why parents should teach their children and set good examples of having a healthy lifestyle.