How Young People can Cope with Mental Health Problems

Mental illness can attack anyone regardless of age and even gender. Whether he is still a child, a teenager, a young adult or an adult, anyone can suffer from it. Usually, mental health problems attack young people especially teenagers and young adults. Having a mental health problem does not mean being crazy. It has different […]

Know the Negative Impacts of Bad Daily Routine

There are group of people who wants to do what they were used doing from the beginning. Another group of people are those who wants to break their daily routine and change it because they find it boring. Everyone have their own daily routine. Good habit or routine is of course beneficial to the human […]

The Difference between Hardwork and being Workaholic

For students who are about to graduate, they are feeling pressured because of the thought and need of finding a job sooner or later. To those who think of their responsibility and their own future, they would surely strive to finish their studies with flying colors. Finding a job these days is like participating in […]

Facts about the Danger of Alcohol and Cigarette Addiction

Drinking alcohol as well as cigarette smoking are unhealthy habits of many, both men and women. In fact, it is not only adult men and women who have those bad habits. Even teenagers who were influenced by their peers or friends are starting to have bad habits which are unhealthy for them especially that they […]

Common Reasons why People get Addicted

Each person might be addicted to something though he does not admit it. Probably, he doesn’t know that he is actually addicted to something. If you always look at the mirror for about twenty times in a day, it only means that you are already becoming addicted on your looks. Some may think that they […]

The Exact Effects of Drug Addiction to the Brain

Everyone is already familiar with alcohol drinking and tobacco smoking with its effects on the human body. And many couldn’t help but be addicted to alcohol and tobacco. But there is one more dangerous thing that causes many to become an addict and that is illegal drugs. Many are tempted to use illegal drugs for […]

The Importance of Parent's Presence in a House

It was said that a home is a kingdom of a father, kingdom of a mother, and paradise of children. A family lives in a home and tries to share love and care to one another. The relationship which parents and children has is totally different from that of just friendship. When children are raised […]

Selfie Obsession Leading to Mental Health Conditions

When smartphones were released to the public, many got excited. There are many applications which users can enjoy with their phone. Among those application is the camera 360. Smartphones are beneficial if it is used in a meaningful way. For example, students are sometimes required to have a documentation of their school activities. With the […]

Understanding food, internet, and sex addiction

Addiction is anything is not good because it affects the life of the person who has it. Addiction to something then would cause some problemsĀ or many problems to a person. If you like something then it is okay as you can still control your emotion and action. But when you are addicted to it, it […]

The rising concern of pica disorder

There are many types of disorders now that could appear. There are those who had already been diagnosed as many studies have been made. The correct way and better way to do it have been already known. That is why the method used about twenty years ago is not being used now. But there could […]