Beat Addiction By New Habit

Breaking an addiction is hard and so many who had already tried many times to beat their addiction have gone back to doing it. Many do not want to return again but they cannot resist the urge and they just give way to it. There are those who even seek the help of the professionals and they are doing just right for some months or year before going back again. This is one of the recommendations so that you can totally beat your addiction.

You can begin by finding where you can start and build slowly and not sudden. The next one is that you should make your goal and set it per day and not for one month of two weeks as you can forget it. It is best to set your daily goal and go with it.  If it will be a daily change then it will happen continually. You could go through it. You can help yourself by setting reminders everywhere that you will not forget your goal. You should not forget the reason you are doing it.

If the time comes when someone triggers the urge to going back to addiction, then find something to do whenever it comes up. You can do stretching or drinking water whenever you feel that urge. One important thing is that you should get rid of all that will tempt you. If you are beating addiction to alcohol then do not have any of it in your house. Be patient and you will overcome your addiction.