Common Behavioral Addiction

The world is full of many things that we could buy or use or anything. It is the source also of addiction. Anything could be the source of addiction. Even the small things that we think it is just a habit but it could also be an addiction. One of the experiments that were done before is to see if some people are addicted to coffee. People who drink coffee every day was given a week not to consume one and see how they would react.

The result is that they were able to function even without coffee. They proved that they are not addicted to it. Like that, anything could also make us addicted to them. That is why the list of addiction go on very long pages if written continuously. Let us see some of the common behavioral addiction as listed. The first one is the addiction to gambling. We all know about it. The second given in the list is the addiction to sex. It is not officially recognized but the symptoms are the same as the definition of addiction.

The next one is the addiction to the internet. This is new but it is also one that draws many people especially that social media is also there. The next one is shopping addiction and this one increases. Another addiction is the addiction to gaming and others to the plastic surgery. The other addiction is toward food. Many cannot resist binge eating. The last type of addiction is the addition to the risky activities.